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Carol de Bowé

We provide inspiration and information regarding Natural Birth, Conscious Childbirth and Homebirth. We guide and orientate parents so they will be the protagonists of their children’s Birth within the Spheres of Love and within the Plenitude of Consciousness. In our centre, we prepare physically and spiritually those couples wishing to give birth to their children without the need of science, in harmony with nature and the cosmic laws; we exalt Natural Birth far from science and far from paradigms.We guide and inspire every pregnant woman thus she will have the force and the wisdom to give birth to their children during a Natural Home Birth without any risks. We familiarize every father thus he will be the one who receives his child between his arms at the moment of Sacred Birth.

We eradicate fears and dreads rooted within persons, these due to erroneous concepts and false believes regarding the nature of Birth, Childbirthing and Labor Work.

We eradicate psychological and intellectual conditionality in order to let flow Love; we harmonize people’s innate energies and reestablish their emotional and spiritual equilibrium towards Higher Consciousness.

We guide you to overcome your personal blockages and help you to cultivate an higher self-esteem towards Plenitude of Consciousness.

We strengthen your conjugal relationships and root within yourselves the knowledge of your real spirit as fathers and mothers, edifiers of Humanity. We fortify conjugal relationships in harmony with Life under the laws of Universal and Cosmic Creation.

Every woman is the holder of plenitude of her life, she has the force to give birth to her children by her own… it is the father who must receive them.

Birth is untouchable in its essence and every conceived Being owns the right to conserve his integrity in relation with the Cosmic Forces of Creation and to become born without his body and Self is being blemished by the inventions and technicalities of science.

Man’s origin is divine and his condition as a Divine Being must not be distorted.

Parents possess the intangible right to veil for the integrity of their babies, to own the universal authority of their children and to veil for an harmonious development of child birthing, preserving thus their gifts, celestial inheritance of their offspring.

Our teachings will make you understand the Sacred Nature of Birth… Birth is the origin of Man’s Freedom. We eradicate the erroneous concepts concerning Birth; concepts which harm the natural perception each man and each woman should own.

Our proposal consists of transforming every man, every woman into Parents of Light, being conscious that their children have the right to own Universal Wisdom, vibrating in every particle of the ether.

Every woman owns within herself the spirit of a warrior to give birth to her children by her own within Plenitude of Consciousness.



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