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Carol de Bowe

Our healing centre is located in the midst of nature in the peruvian Amazon, near the city of Tarapoto. Carol is realizing energetic healing and channeling as well as the harmonization of the Kundalini.

Carol de Bowe has attended thousand of persons over the last 20 years. She is a mother as well, she has got 7 children. She is a writer and a healer woman whose wisdom and healing gift has got international acknowledgment. When she was 28, she achieved self-realization during a freebirth in the midst of the amazonian jungle.  

Carol de Bowé

She teaches the world that Enlightenment and the Integration with the Higher Self are based on devotion, contemplation, meditation and the harmonious equilibrium of a conjugal union. She developed the genius synthesis of “Birth in Wisdom”, teaching with special interest young couples and inspiring them to give birth to their children within true love, inviting women to realize childbirth within harmony of the universal laws. 

Carol de Bowé was born the 25th of may 1966 in San Martín, upper Amazon, Peru.  She travelled to India and lived in Switzerland, England and Spain. Now she is established in the Peruvian Amazon in San Martín, Tarapoto.

BirthLife Universal offers natural therapies and Energy Healing to those who have understood that traditional medicine is not an issue. Healing Wisdom and Birth Wisdom unify here in order to guide and harmonize every serious spiritual searcher as well as to provide inspiring resources for every one, regarding Childbirth Alternatives, Natural Birth and Healing Energy.

Every person is unique, every person is an unique universe. You will find and discover here perfect and pure Healing Energy, guidance as well as inspiration about the Sacred Nature of Life and the Sacred Nature of Birth. You will sense and experience the Sacred involved in Birth; you will attain Consciousness towards your Sacred Self.





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