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Life is a Divine Gift we must protect from the very moment of Conception



This is a song composed by the singer/songwriter Nassú Bowé when he was 17, contribuiting to PRO-LIFE consciousness. The lyrics are taken from a poem of his mother Carol de Bowé "Maternidad Mi Grito de Libertad"  

We contribute valuable data in order to sustain Birth Defense and praise Life. On our site, we do not use shocking photographs or contents. All we want is, people become conscious about the high risks and fatal consequences abortion involves. Many women and men are no conscious about the consequences, voluntary pregnancy interruption or an induced abortion entail –the responsible of abortive interventions take very much care to no inform them. 

All we want is to promote Dignity and Respect for Life and divulge knowledge concerning the Sacred Nature of Birth. 

Here you will find important information regarding Human Life - Human Rights - Demographic Implosion - Consequences due to abortive interventions - False Justifications commonly used to promote abortion - Today’s Elegant Menace - Abortion, a Lucrative Business - the Morning After Pill - Oral Contraceptives - Abortion and Cancer... as well as important scientific researches, concerning the FALSE CONCEPT: “secure abortion”.

Did you know that the baby in your womb, you may have decided to murder, has got arms, little fingers and sucks his thumb…; he is a perfectly developed baby, bursting of power, bursting of hope, bursting of life… and, he feels pain! 

Did you know, the child you are wearing in your womb feels absolutely secure and protected . Your womb is the perfection of Creation meant to shelter this growing life... this Pure Consciousness: Your Baby 

Did you know that abortion, besides of killing an innocent Human Being, can lead to the mother’s death, provoke serious physical harm… as well as grave post-abortion traumas; you will never be able to overcome. 

Did you know that abortion produces cancer…

BirthLife Universal is a friendly, informal charity focussing on an holistic approach to birth, pregnancy and conscious parenting, founded in the Upper Amazon in Peru. It was created out of a profound and enduring love for REAL HUMANITY, humanized Childbirth and Conscious Living, respecting dignity of life and promoting the Sanctity of Birth.

BirthLife proclaims Human Life needs special care and protection before as well as after birth. Our priority consists of making people aware that they are the ones to veil for the integral development and the integrity for the beings to become born. The Right for Life, inherent in every one of the inhabitants of the nations of our world, constitutes the principle axis of Human Rights and therefore earns the decisive attention of the States, the institutions and the whole society.

The rights of a person, within its vital dimension, refer themselves to the primal manifestation of human being: LIFE, which is the logical prius of all the other fundamental rights, given that human life is previous of the right. Without human existence it would be a utopia and nonsense to talk about rights and freedom. Consequently, human being is the ultimate reference to the imputation for fundamental rights and freedom.

Our aims are defending Dignity of Human Life within its natural surroundings without exclusions of any type.

A position against abortion is a position overall HUMAN and of CONSCIOUSNESS, rather than religious or political.



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