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Everyone who professes a profound respect for all human beings without any exception estimates, never, ever one single human being can be exposed to the near risk to become destroyed.

Birthright concludes the need of an education focusing these themes within both ambients, the biomedical and general population’s. As a result coming out from a personal field study we contribute supplementary scientific data in order to disarticulate the false concept of “secure abortion” which brought the United States and many other countries further to legislate abortion. Thus, we are working on…: South America and the whole world shall not continue incorporating the same politics within its legislation!

A position against abortion is overall HUMAN and of CONSCIOUSNESS, not a religious or political position.

Our aims are defending dignity of Human Life, as well as its natural surroundings without any exclusion; studying and proposing solutions to the causes of the marked differences and inequalities which exist today between the inhabitants of the northern and southern countries, between rich and poor and presenting alternative criterions, by excellence, for a better comprehension of human realities.

Demographic control does not resolve social problems, but creates new ones…, increasing poverty. To guard life in Southern America we propose the challenge of non-formal education; revalorizing woman as the guard of what is considered human and man as a multiplicator, not merely a consumer of material goods. We emphasize and alert about the significant economic interest and the search of power implicated in anti-natality politics as well as the foremost intent to subtract the soul of the nations, altering their paradigms and social conducts.

We emphasize the Right of Life, as the primary source of all rights and as the inherent condition for the MAINTENANCE OF PEACE. A culture of acceptance is a culture of Peace.

We understand that a genuine solution goes trough education and development; starting from these it will be possible to generate a framework for respect and human dignity. It is evident that these tools may be more costly than “reproductive health”; nevertheless they are securer and more durable.

There exist an infinity of associations and mother-leagues so as Caritas, Manos Unidas etc. which own the virtue to be in diary contact which the needed ones. Educating from there means to form part of this non-formal education which involves then…, knowing the different realities (geographical as well as social-cultural) ant their problematic.

Our aims are: Respect for Life, the end of violence and the promotion and practice of non-violence by means of education, dialog and cooperation. Our objective is to foment an absolute respect towards human life reducing the number of abortions by using a massive education throughout media communication and an orientation program focusing on non-formal education, propelling the populations towards a cultural change which will have repercussions on their lives.

Educational systems are organized to satisfy, throughout a process of teaching and learning, the development of social and occupational cognitive skills, responding the existent situation. This is the only way education can be pertinent and accomplish the proposal to orient students and prepare them for life. Thus, it is necessary that the Education Sector orients its public politic towards a sensitization on behalf of sexual and reproductive health programs, putting emphasis on an orientation campaign against abortion.

This consciousness awakening program should develop sensitivity as well as ethical and moral principles which will transform a student into a positive person, respectful towards himself, his family, his social surroundings and his culture. This human being will possess universal human values and virtues.

Those ones, promoting abortion and “the day after pill” omit purposely data and publish inexactitudes and half-truths which deprive women of their right for an informed consent. For example: a common slogan consists of announcing “AE do not cause abortion” and “do not affect pregnancy”.

Many women and men are no conscious what voluntary pregnancy interruption or an induced abortion involves: They never become aware –the involved and responsible of abortive interventions take very much care to no inform them- that the baby in the womb, who they have decided to murder, has got arms, little fingers and sucks his thumb…; is a perfectly developed baby, being in full growth… and, feels pain!

Neither they are conscious, nor have become informed about the high risks these kinds of interventions involve, which sometimes can lead to the mother’s death, provoke serious physical harm, as well as post-abortion traumas; they will never be able to overcome.

It is precise now to inform adequately all populations and overall young people; they are the ones who are exceedingly exposed to a pro abortion choice (many times pressured by adults) without considering the incline of moral ethics: murdering the proper son is the worst crime of entire humanity; young people are not conscious about the grievous of their acts due to disinformation and publicities and campaigns of pro-choice organisms.

Many many women are, or will be victims of these campaigns, becoming dragged to do something they later will resent… but it will be too late!

It is urgent to realize consciousness alerting programs to warn mothers, parents, youngsters about the danger and the risks of a mistaken decision and about the consequences these will bring about.

Physical and psychological injure, due to abortion, is much graver than people believe. Most of women who suffered voluntary interruption of pregnancy were not aware about the risks bounded to abortion because none of them had been reported adequately. In the book “Women’s Health after Abortion: The Medical and Psychological Evidence”, an institution examined over 500 studies about risks for woman health, linked to abortion. These risks include breastcancer, pelvis infections, infertility, ectopic pregnancies and suicide. Above and beyond the fact that abortion kills a not yet born human being, one of the authors asked this question: “If a woman would know about these risks, how could she ever give her informed consent for abortion?”

Right education must be done since early age. To educate children about abortion is not that difficult as many believe. Children are particularly receptive to the message that all people are equal and, on the other hand, there are aspects which simply cannot be correct. They have a very keen sense for justice and for frankness. They know what it means when someone needs protection from dangers he is not able to defend himself from, neither are they able to understand these dreads. They know what a baby is… and they know that it is a crime to kill a baby. Moreover, their age is tender enough so to not have practiced those mental acrobatics and negation exercises, necessaries to develop and maintain a pro-choice position.

Thus, they understand the pointing problem which the tragedy of abortion implies. Abortion is constructed upon the same lie, which presumes that the smaller and the weaker ones among us have less value and even can be annihilated.

It is not necessary to teach children all the details about reproductive health, before they learn that abortion is bad. The base for an education against abortion is not the reproductive system; but dignity and the value of each human person, indifferently if the person is tall or small, young or old, healthy or ill, loved or not loved, convenient or not-convenient.

The base for an education directed to children and youngsters against abortion is the same upon which we teach that the mandate: “you shall not kill” is applicable to all categories of persons.

Thus, since very early age the agent RESPONSIBILITY must be taught. Teenagers and couples of all ages must be informed what Responsible Maternity and Responsible Paternity involves. They are the only ones, responsible of their acts and must be fully conscious that their sexual behaviour can lead them towards a desired pregnancy; as well as a not desired pregnancy. There are sufficient natural methods in order to avoid a not desired pregnancy… if the couple is responsible.

Nevertheless, a desired pregnancy will lead a couple towards happiness and towards the plenitude of their existences.


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