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POST ABORTION - Abortion and Suicide

It is common for the vast majority of women who have had an abortion to contemplate, attempt, and for many of them to actually commit suicide. This relationship to suicide is totally aside from all of the other consequences, both psychological and physical, due to abortion, legal or not.

Many women are known to have committed suicide 20 or more years after having an abortion as a direct consequence of abortion. This generally is accomplished only after years of suicidal thoughts and many failed attempts. Rarely if ever are these suicides recorded as being a direct result of one or more abortions which took place years in the past. Psychiatrists, social workers, and others often deal with women who have a history of abortion but do not realize that abortion is the substantive cause of the problems being presented.

America is experiencing an increasing amount of violence by children. How much of this violence and crime can be associated to boys being reared by mothers who have had one or more abortions in their history?

How bad can a woman be and still be found acceptable in the eyes of someone who is sympathetic to them? For many years one woman who had paid for seven abortions would only admit to three of them. Until the year before she committed suicide she had never accepted responsibility for, or acknowledged that she had procured four additional abortions.

How many of your brothers and sisters (siblings) have been murdered by abortion? Home is supposed to be a place of shelter and protection, or is it?


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