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Right for Life – Primary Source of all Rights

We proclaim Human Life needs special care and protection before as well as after birth. Our priority consists of making people aware that they are the ones to veil for the integral development and the integrity of the beings to become born. The Right for Life, inherent to every one of the inhabitants of the nations of our world, constitutes the principle axis of Human Rights and therefore earns the decisive attention of the States, the institutions and the whole society.

The rights of a person, within its vital dimension, refer themselves to the primal manifestation of human being: Life… which is the logical prius of all existing fundamental rights, given that Human Life is previous of the Right. Without human existence it would be a utopia and nonsense to talk about rights and freedom. Consequently, a human being is the ultimate reference to the imputation for fundamental rights and freedom.

To man, life is not only an empirically proved fact, but moreover, for the reason of being a Human Being whose behaviour is teleological and guided by aims…, Life is a right, a debitum which belongs to him precisely for being alive.

A human being is the owner of a right which declares that he cannot be deprived of life; neither must he suffer attacks by the State or by any other human being. His right goes even further: Public Power and Civil Society must help him to defend himself from dangers threatening his life (natural ones or social ones) so as insalubriousity, starving and others.

International standards, without wanting to be very tedious, establish governing laws and solid fundamental rights in relationship with Human Life.

In order to mention a few, we can say that the value “Human Life” finds normative international protection by Article I of the American Declaration of Rights and Duties of Man (which are previous of the ones declared by the ONU), article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 2 of the Convention for Safe Conduct of Man’s Right and Fundamental Freedom (signed in Rome in November 1950), article 6 of the International Agreement for Civil and Political Rights and article 4 of the Agreement of San José.

This last one establishes that the right for life is protected since the moment of conception and prohibits categorically, imposing the capital punishment to a woman who is pregnant; which constitutes a direct protection and, at last, a full recognition of the legal and real personality of the nasciturus and his rights.

I would like to mention, moreover, an extremely important convention fairly recently dated: The Convention of the Children’s Right, approved by the General Assembly of the ONU in 1990. Recognition of the personality of the nasciturus became established in Paragraph 2 of the Preamble where is said that no distinction can be made for no reason, including “Birth”, and summons further at the Declaration of Children’s Right 1959 which grants the “proper legal protection to a child before and after birth”. In its article 6, a recognition concerning the right for life is given as well as the right for health and health services in its article 24, among others.

…Nobody can be deprived of life arbitrary… (art. 6th INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT OF CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS, which consecrates the right for life, inherent to a human person).

…Every human being is a person and starts his existence since the moment of conception… (Art. 1.2 and Art. 4.1, AGREEMENT OF SAN JOSÉ DE COSTA RICA – AMERICAN CONVENTION ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS).

…Every human being owns the right for life, freedom and his personal security… (Art. 1st AMERICAN DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF MAN).

…Every individual owns the right for life, freedom and his personal security… (Art. 3rd UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS).

These are the agreements which govern legally the whole world; nevertheless, the reality we know is sadly very contrasting: over forty-five millions of induced abortions in the world every year –in average and according to official statistics- tell enough and reveal of what man is capable: this is the balance of irresponsibility!

…Our aims are defending dignity of human life within its natural surroundings without exclusions of any type.


Translated from Spanish language




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