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SRI NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ Sri Nisargadatta's teachings defy summarization, but he frequently recommended the practice that had led to his own realization in less than three years

THE LIGHTS OF GRACE CATALOG BLUE DOVE PRESS The Source for the finest spiritual works from the world's religions and wisdom traditions Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Talks on Realizing the Infinite

SRI NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ Discussion Group... Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj published by Acorn Press

I AM THAT is Nisargadatta Maharaj's most well known book.  Translated by Maurice Frydman, this book had profound effect on spiritual seekers from all paths of life

BOOKS of SRI NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ at AMAZON.COM This collection of the timeless teachings of one of the greatest sages of India, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, regarded by many as a "modern spiritual classic" is a testament to the uniqueness of the seer's life and work

THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and led her to a radically different view of what human nature really is. She offers a new understanding of how we have lost much of our natural well-being and shows us practical ways to regain it for our children and for ourselves.

AWAKENING INTO AWARENESS Reflections on Reality and the Experience of Realization

AHAM The Association of Happiness for All Mankind. AHAM’s Conscious Curriculum gives you a way to Live Free no matter what is happening in your life. It has a simple, easy, unique approach that brings together, in a balanced way, your spiritual and worldly affairs. Many people come here who are dealing with the conflict of how to “live and be in the world, but not be of it.” In AHAM and its teaching, your ability to do this begins with awakening to the Feeling of Completion, which you learn to awaken with AHAM’s “Completion Process™.” The “truth that makes us free” that Jesus mentions, is the Truth that we are already complete, whole and free — just as we are — when we awaken to our true Self

EVOLUTIA Evolutia is a formative, personal growth and a life accompaniment center. Evolutia's mission is to contribute to the fulfilment of individuals through: tools that value personal development and the integration of self-esteem, self-confidence allowing to live harmoniously changes, passages and events of everyday life. The acknowledgement of our own creative potential, values and their integration in our life. The development of more authenticity in our relationships. The eclosion of a healthy global approach to the body, mind and soul.


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