Excerpt of The Perpetual Decadence of the Simians by Gilbert Bowé



...I saw how a baby of Light becomes dispossessed of his Wisdom, when a mother who gives him life, delivers blindly her own mother force to the magicians of the hospitals; and these, joyful, take as a prisoner the newborn in order to shatter his Will and steal his heart.

They break the crystal mirror that covers the newborn, implant squalls of pain and destroy his robe of sanctity, injecting drugs of perdition. The puncture of one needle... is enough to fracture his celestiallity.

Where is righteousness, science supposedly does for the best of humanity? I did not find the answer because I saw how the same arid heart that cuts into thousand pieces a conceived baby, “helps” to bring, with this same coldness, a baby to the world; just to search later on for formulas to cultivate “perfect creations” in vitrio by means of his so called “discoveries for humanity”.

Modern man is walking, lacking sense, because when he becomes born, science hangs him... holding him by his ankles. Therefore, I say, today’s man has lost his “North”.

I ask you: What do you think your child is feeling, when after birth and, bringing a message of Love; he gets treated like an insensible, an intruder, a Being without Consciousness... instead of being received with devotion?

Science must not continue beating children! Science is the responsible for, every newborn becomes converted into a man or woman, lacking Love...


Gilbert Bowé

 Translated from Spanish language