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We exalt the Sacred nature of Birth and divulge knowledge bounded to Pure Birth

BirthLife Universal is a healing center focusing on the secret healing powers of Birth. We guide and orient future parents and pregnant women, so they will be the protagonists of their own happiness and the happiness of their children, realizing Birth within the Plenitude of Consciousness. We inspire those couples wishing to give birth to their children within freedom, in harmony with nature and the cosmic forces of the Universe without the need of science.  

We help them to eradicate and overcome their fears, originated by erroneous concepts concerning Birth and Labor.

Natural Birth has an enormous positive value for the lifelong physical and spiritual health and well-being of a mother as well of a baby.

BirthLife Universal was formed out of a profound and enduring love for Humanized Childbirth and Conscious Birth, respecting the Sacred Nature of Birth and the Sacred Healing Powers of Birth.

Our aim is to raise Consciousness regarding the empowering and miraculous experience of Birth. Our endeavour consists of creating awareness concerning Homebirth, Active Birth and Natural Birth.

We hope to serve those who are interested in natural and alternative health and mindful parenting providing information and inspiration in order to create awareness and understanding of Divinely Assisted Childbirth. We promote Home Births, high-lightening that every woman owns within herself the spirit of a warrior to give birth to her children on her own within Plenitude of Consciousness and it is the father who must receive them. Homebirths are an empowering experience as well as a safe and viable option which lead a mother and a father to an empowered state of Consciousness, and keep intact the cosmic integrity of the baby. We teach how to make the birth process as easy and enjoyable as possible for all concerned.

BirthLife Universal supports and gives voice to the powerful movement towards Conscious Living, Conscious Childbirth and Conscious Parenting. We celebrate the experience of responsible maternity and paternity as worthy of one's best efforts and foster awareness of the enormous significance and value of parenthood.


Every baby owns the greatness of I AM Conciousness; every pregnancy embellishes the Grain of Conciousness; every conceived baby is a bond between I AM and Infinite Consciousness of Love








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