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Sacred Birth Video DVD


Watch the miraculous moment of birth in midst of nature. This birth clip has been described as the most poetic video that ever existed. Carol de Bowé gives birth in the amazonian jungle, far away from the next town (and hospital), without any doctors or obstetrics, no transportation available and no plan B, just with her husband and in presence of her kids...




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An inspiring guide to the Miraculous Experience of Conscious Childbirth and the mystery of natural, unassisted Home Birth

Sacred Birth is a very empowering video showing a natural home birth. Carol labors and gives birth in the garden and Gilbert receives the baby within his hands while he is capturing these splendid images.

Troughout the video birds are singing, the sun is shining and the entire family is surrounded by flowers and natural beauty. Carol is conscious of the viewer while she labors and is even giving instructions and teaching how to push with the contractions, how to think, how to be... until the awesome moment of her complete surrender and the baby is born.

Free from fear, cultural dictates, drugs and legal issues, this is birth according to Nature - pure and simple. In the end you will be treated to a ceremony which gives rightful respect to the placenta.


...I watched the video twice, just to be sure that I hadn’t missed something... This video can give any woman courage. We can give birth ourselves and we can do it under any circumstances. I realized that, if a woman can give birth fearlessly in the comfort of her own backyard with no doctors or medical intervention of any kind, what have we to fear... Nicole Osbourne - Black Woman and Child magazine. See the whole article

...Saying good bye she offered the DVD “Sacred Birth” to me, where you can see her, delivering her third daughter, in the jungle. She assures many women who have seen the film felt relieved, inspired and empowered. I am not a woman, but I became very moved when I saw it... Victor M. Amela “La Vanguardia”, Spain – see the whole article (Spanish language)

...In this exceptionally beautiful film, a couple in Peru have an unassisted birth in their garden. A gentle breeze blows and horses quietly graze in the surrounding fields as Carol gives birth into Gilbert's waiting hands. Their other two children look on in amazement... Laura Shanley Bornfree

Watching a childbirth video can be one of the most informative and rewarding experiences of your pregnancy

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